Get a Mentor:

One-on-One Mentoring Application Process

Step #1: Does Your Institution Qualify?

Special Opportunity: NSF ATE Small Grants for Institutions New to ATE

  • Have ideas to improve technician education? Don't know how to get them funded?
  • Unsuccessful in applying for a grant from NSF ATE? Need mentoring help?

The NSF ATE "Small Grants" Program

  • Encourages community colleges that have not had an ATE award in the past 7 years
  • Stimulates implementation, adaptation, and innovation in ATE-supported areas with an emphasis on STEM/technician education
  • Encourages utilization of existing resources developed by ATE projects and centers
  • Addresses issues of interest in rural technician education
  • Funds budget maximum of $300K for up to 36 months
  • Seeks proposals via solicitation: NSF ATE Program Solicitation

Step #2: View our Orientation Webinar (FREE)

NSF ATE Program Funding Opportunities & Mentor-Connect Orientation

Live Broadcast will be September 12, 2019. 

Step #3: Apply NOW: Deadline October 11, 2019

Overview: This application process consists of 3 components.  Please read the instructions thoroughly prior to filling out forms. We recommend that you print the instructions and the electronic application. The electronic application must be completed once opened and cannot be saved.

Please note: The Mentor-Connect team is in the process of redeveloping the website and we may have a new website prior to the application deadlline. In that case, the instructions and how you complete the online application may change; however the questions within the application and the assessment will not change. If you have any questions, please call us. 

  1. Instructions
  2. Electronic application
    (PDF is for those who want to fill application out by hand with their teams before submitting it online)
  3. Required Affidavit in PDF format

Supplementary documents listed in instructions

Appendix: Self-Assessment download

You’re invited! Upcoming Technical Assistance Webinars

At this time, there are no upcoming webinars, but you may access our archived Technical Assistance 2019 Webinars and affiliated materials via our YouTube channel. If you click on the Webinar heading and scroll down to the bottom of the description, you will find the affiliated materials link that will take you to the materials within our resource library.

Quotes from Mentor-Connect Mentees

“We definitely benefitted from the Mentor-Connect program starting with the conference earlier in the year in Portland. Peggy has been a wonderful mentor and advisor during the entire process (and very patient with us as well).  Writing grants can be very difficult and challenging - but having a mentor assigned has made all the difference for us from maintaining a regimented work ethic to just keeping us focused and on-track.  I wished other granting agencies provided this type of support. Great job to our combined Mentor-Connect team!”

Mentor-Connect Mentee

“The Mentor-Connect experience was great and I have recommended it to peers at other Illinois colleges. Julie, Niranjan and I extend our thanks for including us.”

Mentor-Connect Mentee

“Invaluable experience! Great working with our mentor, Mel Cossette. She was a wealth of knowledge and put us in touch with many resources to further our project.”

Mentor-Connect Mentee

“I believe the focus and activities provided were well-designed and they will help us to submit & hopefully get approved"

Mentor-Connect Mentee

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