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Apply to Mentor-Connect if you…

  • Work for a community college that has not benefitted from National Science Foundation grant funding in the past 10 years.
  • Recognize that your college needs to develop or strengthen STEM technician education programs to meet industry needs.
  • Want assistance in preparing a competitive grant proposal for the National Science Foundations’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program.
Applications for the 2016-2017 Mentoring Cohort Now Available
July 01, October 12, 201612:00-05:00 PM


ATTENTION: The application process to "Get a Mentor" for the 2016-17 Mentoring Cohort has changed. Please read all instructions via "Get a Mentor" before you begin to apply. Applications are submitted electronically beginning July 1, 2016 until October 12, 2016.

NSF ATE Program Funding Opportunities & Mentor-Connect Orientation Webinar
Thursday , September 08, 2016 01:00-02:30 PM


This free webinar is produced by Mentor-Connect and hosted by MATEC networks. By participating in this free webinar participants will:

  • learn more about NSF ATE Program benefits
  • learn what Mentor-Connect can offer
  • learn how to apply and receive assistance via the 2016-17
    Mentor-Connect Mentorship




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Teaching Technicians: The nation’s premier destination for information related to professional development for technician and related STEM educators.


SC ATE: SC ATE is dedicated to expanding excellence in technician education and increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of industrial and engineering technicians to support business and industry and to encourage continued economic development.


SCATE Inc. (non-profit): SCATE Inc. provides evaluation, promotes best practices, consults with educators, collaborates with private and public entities, and conducts research with a focus on serving two-year technical and community colleges.


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Mentor-Connect received HI-TEC Award at the 2016 HI-TEC Conference
HI-TEC Award Photo
Mentor-Connect Expands the ATE Community
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(Published on Community College Daily: Click Here)
The Magic of Mentor-Connect
Congratulations to the following NSF ATE Award Grantees:
Somerset Community College

Somerset Community College This college team (DUE# 1600081) will implement the “Additive Manufacturing: Expanding Futures in Appalachia" project. Pictured from left to right are: Eric Wooldridge, Principal Investigator; Elaine Kohrman, Co-Principal Investigator; and Dr. Clint Hayes, Sponsored Research Officer.

Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College This college team (DUE# 1601222) will implement “The Virtual Industrial Process Simulator Laboratory Project." Pictured from left to right are: Robert Collins, Department Chair, Nuclear Engineering Technology (Co-Principal Investigator); Melissa Frank-Alston, PhD, Senior Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Research; and John Michael Weiksner, Sr., PE, Department Chair, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Principal Investigator).

Los Angeles Pierce College

Los Angeles Pierce CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1565706) will implement the “CAPTIVATE: Collaboratory Achievement Project to Impact the Value of Architecture & Engineering Technology Education." Pictured from left are: Beth Abels, Co-Principal Investigator and Elizabeth Paderi Cheung, Principal Investigator.

North Florida Community College

North Florida Community College (1)This college team (DUE# 1566545 ) will implement the “Manufacturing Certifications for Rural High School Students through Community College Dual Enrollment” project. Pictured are: David Dunkle, Principal Investigator and Bill Eustace, Co-Principal Investigator. Read more about their poject here:

St. Johns River State College

This college team (DUE# 1565586 ) will implement the “Enhancing Critical Reasoning in Computer Education” project.

Thaddeus Stevens College

This college team (DUE# 1565717) will implement the “Skilled Women Get STEM Jobs: Recruiting and Engaging Female Students.”

Klamath Community College

Klamath Community CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1601075) will implement the “Rural Internship Program." Pictured from left to right are: Doug Kirby, Principal Investigator (Program Lead – Digital Media and Web Design); Paula Pence, Grants Program Manager; and Pete (William) Brandsness, Co-Principal Investigator, (Program Lead – Computer Engineering Technology).

Snow College

Snow CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1601397) will implement the “Strengthening Farms and the Rural Economy through Agricultural Mechanics." Pictured from left to right are: Michael Medley, Principal Investigator; Jay Olsen, Co-Principal Investigator and Emily Peterson, Grants Officer.

Learn more about what Snow College intends to use their National Science Foundation (NSF) funding for...

Thomas Nelson College

Thomas Nelson Community CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1565832) will implement the “Innovative Model to Augment Technician Education for Manufacturing in the 21st Century.”

Lurleen B. Wallace College

Lurleen B. WallaceThis college team (DUE# 1566563) will implement the “Educating Technicians in Energy Efficiency.” Pictured from left are: Eddie Spann, Co-Principal Investigator; Shannon Levitzke, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality;Tammye Merida, Associate Dean of Applied Technologies; and Tony Newton, Co-Principal Investigator.

Union County College

Union County CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1601060) will implement the “Cyber Service! Interdisciplinary & Experiential Education for Cyber Forensics Technicians.” Pictured from left are: Cheryl Shiber, Director of Grants at Union County College and Elizabeth Hawthorne, Principal Investigator. Not pictured are: Cynthia Roemer and Elizabeth Joyce, Co-Principal Investigators.

Clark College

Clark CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1565577) will implement the “Rural Access Mechatronics Program.” Pictured from left to right are: Ken Luchini, Co-Principal Investigator; Lori Silverman, Director of Grant Development at Clark College; Genevieve Howard, Dean of Workforce, Career, and Technical Education at Clark College; and Chris Lewis, Principal Investigator.

Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community CollegeThis college team (DUE# 1601603) will implement the "Anti-Counterfeit Printing and Packaging Technology Project." Pictured are: Zachery Blackburn, Co-Principal Investigator (left); Heather Parusel, Executive Director, Government Relations and Grants at CPCC (middle); and Gareth Burns, Principal Investigator (right).

Central Piedmont Community College to teach classes on anti-counterfeiting! Read more here:

Central Piedmont Community College has secured a $200,000 grant to start a certificate program to combat counterfeiting! Read more here:

Galveston College

Galveston College Award PictureThis college team (DUE# 1601442) will implement the, "Engineering Technology Instrumentation Project." Pictured are: Sandra Metoyer (left, sponsored Project Officer) Robert Shields (middle, Principal Investigator) and Laimutis Bytautas (right, Co-Principal Investigator).

Northeast State Technical College

Northeastst New AwardThis college team (DUE# 1501195) will implement "Integrating Soft/Entrepreneurial Skills for Success in Cybersecurity." Pictured are: Allan Anderson, Principal Investigator and Carol Cole, Co-Principal Investigator.

Learn more about what Northeast State College intends to use their NSF grant funding for... and

Webinar: NSF Guidance on Financial Management of ATE Grants: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You! is now available!

In this webinar, experts from the National Science Foundation addressed important information concerning financial management and grant management for ATE grant recipients and who to contact about what. The focus was on financial accounting issues and problems often seen in monitoring visits such as participant support, time and effort accounting, sub-awardees, record keeping, changes in scope, overload, and use of consultants. Participants had an opportunity to pose questions and get answers directly from NSF personnel.

Webinar: Preparing a Budget and Budget Justification for your NSF ATE Proposal is now available!

In this webinar, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE), Mentor-Connect project personnel (DUE# 1204463 and DUE# 1501183) provided information and step-by-step instructions for completing essential budget components. Participants had an opportunity to learn what information needs to be entered into each budget category of the NSF budget form; learn how to prepare a budget justification; learn how to recognize the mutual dependence between the budget and project description; be alerted to common errors that can be avoided; and get answers to questions on budget development and forms. Dr. Celeste Carter, Lead Program Director/Officer for the ATE Program at the National Science Foundation was one of the presenters.

Affiliated Materials Link (i.e Associated Files Link):
(PowerPoint Slides, Handout, and a link to this webinar)

Tutorial Link:
(A condensed shorter version of this webinar and materials)

Webinar: Small Project Evaluation: Principles and Practices is now available!

In this webinar, staff from EvaluATE and The National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE), Mentor-Connect project personnel (DUE# 1204463 and DUE# 1501183) provided information on approaches and strategies to plan and implement effective evaluations of smaller projects, including budget considerations for implementing these evaluation approaches. Small budgets create unique challenges in identifying impact and effectiveness of grant-funded work. Questions were addressed, such as how can meaningful evaluation plans be developed for “Small Grants for Institutions New to ATE” or other small-budget grant proposals?

Affiliated Materials Link (i.e Associated Files Link):
(PowerPoint Slides, Handout, and a link to this webinar)

Webinar: Preparing Forms for Your NSF ATE Proposal is now available!

In this webinar, staff from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE), Mentor-Connect project personnel (DUE# 1204463 and DUE# 1501183) highlighted the process for filling out various forms that are required in the NSF ATE grant proposal process. Participants were able to learn the purpose of various forms associated with NSF ATE proposals, what information needed to be entered into each form, the importance of providing consistent information on forms and other components of a proposals, and be alerted to common errors that can be avoided. Participants were also able to get answers to questions on completing required proposal forms.

Affiliated Materials Link (i.e Associated Files Link):
(PowerPoint Slides, Handout, and a link to this webinar)

Tutorial Link:
(A condensed shorter version of this webinar and materials)

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