New-to-ATE Application

*New-to-ATE Application: for faculty or colleges seeking NSF ATE funding who have not yet worked with a mentor to prepare an NSF ATE proposal*

Part 1

Prepare to Apply (Deadline: Second Friday in November)

Prior to completing this application, college team applicants should:

  • 1. Read

  • 2. View

    View the NSF ATE Program Funding Opportunities & Mentor-Connect Orientation Webinar. This webinar provides a detailed introduction to the NSF ATE program and to the Mentor-Connect NSF ATE grant preparation and technical assistance opportunity. Registration for the live webinar will be made available in August, and the webinar will air in September.

  • 3. Review

    Review faculty travel requirements and support information (documented in NSF ATE Program Funding Opportunities & Mentor-Connect Orientation Webinar).

  • 4. Assemble Your Team

    In addition to the faculty members who will develop and lead the project, Mentor-Connect recommends you include a grant professional and one or more college administrators on your team. Mentor-Connect’s data show significantly higher rates of funding when grant professional and administrators participate in the mentoring process.

  • 5. Download The Application

    The online application must be completed in a single session. For your convenience, we have provided a PDF of the application questions that you may download and complete offline. We recommend you answer the questions as a team in a text editor program such as MS Word, then transfer your responses to the online form for submission.

Important: All applicants are required to submit an affidavit (Part 2) in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also only one New-to-ATE application per college is allowable. The online application cannot be saved and thus must be completed once started

There is no cost to the institution. Travel expenses to the two in-person workshops are covered for a four (4) person team and a stipend is given to two (2) faculty members after submission of the proposal. 

Need help? Contact us and Mentor-Connect will help you in completing the online application.