Webinar: Preparing Forms for Your NSF ATE Proposal

From May 08, 2024 2:00 pm until May 08, 2024 3:30 pm
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Posted by Emery DeWitt
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This webinar covers all the Forms that make up an NSF ATE final proposal submission. Topics include: (1) the purpose of various forms associated with NSF ATE proposals; (2) what data to enter into each form. The forms included are: cover sheet, project summary, project description, references cited, senior personnel forms (current and pending support, biosketches, collaborators and other affiliations), facilities, equipment and other resources, data management plan, project data form, and other supplemental documents.  As a note, budget and budget justification are covered in a separate webinar. Upon completion you will know the importance of providing consistent information on all forms and recognize common errors to avoid.